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This is impressive!
Not only did you manage to capture Egoraptor's style perfectly (I mean, the animation is almost identical to his) but the voice acting is EXACTLY like his!
The humor style is also pretty much what he does.
Amazing job guys! 10/10 5/5


There is an incredibly obvious "Limbo" game reference. Never the less I really liked the animation... Good job.

Good but...

It's good but its not usually like the stuff you do. I mean... Its funny but you would normally animate things to be fast and crazy adding weird funny dialogs... this is not you... HOWEVER! It still made made me laugh and the animation was good, so:

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Great Job

Well, first of all I havo to say that the animaton is AWESOME. No rough ends, etc.
The story is short and well telled and can scare you in some parts. The little detais are awesome like the song the guy hears. Well Anyway I did found a couple of flaws. Mostly in the story. First of all: Why would he go to spend his weekend on a tini tiny house in the wild whith almost nothing to eat and no cellphone and most importantly why would he park the car in there? Anyway it's just awesome and serious from you (Until the part of the animals) and kinda reminded me of the shining so im gonna guess you got inspired from there.
Again, great job 5/5 10/10

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Who is the idiot marking all the comments as useless?! "Look at me I have no dick so I will flag the comments as useless because I have no friends D:<!" Dude, those idiots shouldn't be on newgrounds >:(

Por cierto, buen flash paisano! Conosco tus flashes desde que tengo como 10 aƱos :D

Great animation but...

The animation is PERFECT ( Kinda slow tho) But the colors are just... Uhhm.... Whats the word Im looking for? The colors seem like from an OLD cartoon (Like a little pale)
With that been said, I really enjoyed it, I like the part when he starts jumping and barking wheen he sees the squirell and I specially liked the last part when he kinda starts like rubbing his hands on his face.

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It's verry true. I was like that when it came out. It's just awesome

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Merry christmas!

I enjoyed watching all my favorite newgrounds characters toguether. Specially Alien hominid, castle crashers, egoraptor, blockhead, chainsaw the children and mastermind. They all fit toguether *snif*.

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Jazza responds:

thanks bruh!

Master piece...

You are great animating! I heard you used to work for Disney. Is that true?
Anyways, I love your brakenwood animations, the brakenwood world is full of color, cool creatures and the music fits perfectly. I think you are my favorite animator on the internet.

Otro gran logro

Mi amigo y yo nos reimos como locos. Tus animaciones son lo mejor! "El trauma es tan grande que cuando cresca sere administrador de empresas" JAJAJAJA! Eres lo maximo.

Darkar responds:

Muchas gracias. :)

Wats up? Im mexican but i have a verry good english. Im really a noob on this thing of animating but im practicing really hard for my age. Im verry good at drawing and I love metal music, nirvana and The Beatles. My hobbies: Playing guitar, Drawing, etc.

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